Adorable Puppy Was Rescued Off The Streets, But His Owner Didn’t Want Him Back

Adorable Puppy Was Rescued Off The Streets, But His Owner Didn’t Want Him Back

Hope For Paws was alerted about a scared dog who was hiding in the bushes. The person who told them pointed the dog out, so Hope For Paws volunteers quickly went to the house and enclosed the area around the bushes with a gate so the dog wouldn’t run away.

They thought the dog they would be dealing with would be a big one, but it turns out it was a tiny fluffy puppy who was cowered in the bushes. They used pieces of a cheeseburger to coax the pup out from the bushes.

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After he ate the pieces of food, it was obvious that he was about to run back into the bushes, so the rescuer pet him and then quickly lifted him up before he could go anywhere. He was still skittish but he cooperated.

They named the puppy Fox and brought him back to their rescue. Poor Fox was dehydrated since he didn’t have access to fresh water while he was living on the streets. So the first thing they did was give him a bowl of water, which he quickly drank right up. They then gave him a much-needed bath.

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They scanned him for a microchip and found one. But when they called his owner, she told them that she didn’t want him anymore. She said the puppy was given to her as a gift and that she never wanted him.

Fox had the ‘zoomies’ after his bath and was running around, wagging his tail. He was so happy and looked so relieved to finally be saved. The next day he went to live with his new foster. At his foster home is other pups for him to play with, and even a big pig!

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Fox is extremely lucky that he was rescued, or else he would’ve spent many more nights on the streets and potentially even the rest of his life! There are many more dogs living on the streets who aren’t as lucky as Fox. And there are even more in shelters. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, adopt and don’t shop!

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