Adventurous Dog With Unusual Friends Goes Viral

Adventurous Dog With Unusual Friend Goes Viral

This is the story of an adventurous dog, of the labrador breed, who recently was accompanied by an unusual friend on one of his trips.

The black Labrador, in addition to being always curious to sniff out every new object, like any other dog; he has a great hobby, sneak off to go explore other territories.

Bo, as his family named him, likes to explore the open fields near his family’s property in rural Kansas.

Bo’s family knows that he is a sweet dog, that he likes to explore and make friends. But the last time, in one of his adventures, the family got a big scare.

One night, it seems that Bo wanted to take an unexpected trip, and slipped out of the house.

When Laura Krier, the owner of Bo, realized that her lab was not in the house nor in the vicinity of her property; they began to look for him without stopping.




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The next day, they finally heard news about Bo. Someone had seen a dog, with the characteristics of Bo, about 6 miles away from the family home.

Then, Kyle, Laura’s husband, took his truck and went to look for Bo.
When Kyle finally found Bo…He saw that his adventurous dog came running, very happy, towards him, and he did not come alone, he was accompanied by an unusual friend and another dog.

Finally, that is how they found Bo…

That’s right, the friend who came running after Bo, was a goat! How cute are the three friends together.

The dog and the goat, which accompanied Bo, belong to neighbors. Bo’s family was so surprised at the adventure of their beloved dog. And of course, they were happy that Bo was safe.

Image source: Laura Krier

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