Aggressive Cat Hates Human Contact, But When He Met Kittens, Everything Was Different

Aggressive Cat Hates Human Contact, But When He Met Kittens, Everything Was Different

When a cat grows on the streets, it often becomes aggressive, and even hates being approached by a human.

Well, a cat that wanders from one place to another, unfortunately, does not always find kind people; it is often mistreated.

The aggressive behavior of a stray cat can be justified, due to the hard times it has had to face on his own.

An example of a feral cat, which shows that he has gone through hard times, is Mason…

The TinyKittens rescue group, in British Columbia, Canada, carried out a large rescue event on a large rural property in Langley.

On the property, there were many abandoned barns, where about 60 cats and wild kittens lived.
The property had been purchased by a developer that allowed the rescue group to set up an event to catch the cats.

Among the cats and feral kittens was Mason, one of the oldest surviving feral cats that the rescue group has treated.

Mason was a special case among all the feral cats that the group rescued. Mason, the old feral cat, had many wounds and infections that were treated. He also had a dental surgery.

The rescue team planned to return Mason to the farm after his recovery. The new owner of the farm accepted to feed the kittens. And the team to give them medical attention.

But shortly after, they discovered that Mason had a terminal kidney disease. So, they decided that the best thing for Mason was to take him to a hospice house. They wanted Mason to enjoy a home with love, until he leaf.

The volunteer, who took care of Mason, was also fostering a couple of kittens. She had Mason in a separate area, since the cat hates human contact, and has aggressive behavior.

But one day, the volunteer gathered all the kittens to play, and she got a big surprise

Let’s watch it in following video…

As we could see, even the most grumpy cat has his weakness. For Mason, his weakness was sweet companions of the same specie. Mason shows that every animal deserves love and a second chance.

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