Anguished Veterinarian Posts Photo Of Dog Who Died In Hot Car

Anguished Veterinarian Posts Photo Of Dog Who Died In Hot Car

Anguished Veterinarian Posts Photo Of Dog Who Died In Hot Car

An anguished veterinarian from Vancouver, B.C. posts a photo of a dog that died in a hot car. Therefore, she made the difficult decision to caution other pet owners.

Dr. Leah Montgomery of the Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital was heartbroken after the dog died from heat exposure at her clinic. 

Through the post, she seeks to caution other pet owners about the danger of leaving them in hot cars.

Veterinarian Montgomery says she noticed that pictures of of living dogs in a car were not working. Therefore, she looked for another way to warn pet owners about the danger.

“Having a graphic of a happy panting dog inside a car, obviously it’s not getting the message across to people,” she said, “This is what it looks like.”

It is a post that leaves us sad…seeing the dead dog on the clinic table with a brown blanket, but the warning is working…

The post has been shared and commented many times on Facebook and also has got the attention of local media.

The post reads, “We are heartbroken. Such a preventable disaster. Dog left in the car today. Dead. Family is distraught. Please please stop doing this people!!”

Also, many people have left nasty comments directed at the dog owners, but Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital reminded everyone:

Friends, this was posted as a reminder that this CAN HAPPEN – to anyone. They are not “bad” pet people. Take it to heart, remember this, and NEVER let it happen to you. Be careful when you cast stones.

Finally, veterinarian Montgomery is happy that her post is being taken seriously. Also, she hopes that pet owners really take awareness about this issue.

So, do not forget to always take care of your pet and be attentive to those who may need your help in hot cars.


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