Baby and Playful Puppy First Meet

Baby and Playful Puppy First Meet

It is not surprising that a baby is attracted to animals.

Most of the children’s stories and cartoons are about animals that live like humans and live great adventures. Among the first games that parents have with their baby, is to make animal sounds; How does the dog? the parent asks and the babe with his little voice imitates the sound without making mistakes.

Those things, however small they may seem, make the baby interested in animals.
Most babies under 3 don’t feel any fear for any animal, no matter how big it may be. And this is something very good; the contact of a baby with the animals will make him grow with a greater degree of socialization.

There are babies who are lucky enough to share their home with a pet. A babe that grows with a cat or a dog will learn unique values such as respect for life, responsibility and more.
In addition, the baby will grow up with a playmate and will have unique moments to remember.

Watch and enjoy the cuteness of this baby’s first meet with his new friend.

Awww I know, how cute and funny.

Ada is a very playful dog; she has a lot of energy. She looks very excited to have a human that can lie on the floor and also play with her.

Meanwhile, Leon seems to want to flee from all that energy that Ada has, but at no time he cried or gave a demonstration of fear. In spite of that, Leon seems fun too.

The puppy was running between Leon and his mother, it seemed that she was asking for a reward of pettings after playing with Leon. 

The friendship that will grow between this baby and the puppy will surely be something very special, since both will grow together.

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