Brave Mother Dog Rescues Her Drowning Puppies

Brave Mother Dog Rescues Her Drowning Puppies

Brave Mother Dog Rescues Her Drowning Puppies During Rain Storm

We have already talked about that when a dog has puppies she has a maternal instinct that is part of her nature.

She protects their puppies even before they are born. Then, she takes care of them and feeds them, and when se realizes they can survive on their own, she loses care of them.

I think this is quite similar to what happens with human mothers. They care for their children until they grow up and leave to live on their own, except that with dogs this process is in less time.

And of course, there are also some dogs that are indifferent with their puppies; there are some who have a maternal instinct stronger than others…

Meet the mother dog that not only shows that she has a very strong maternal instinct, but also that she is brave and rescues her puppies without caring to risk her own life…

A dog, that has just been mother of three puppies, was in great trouble due to a rain storm.

Apparently, the rain storm had dragged her puppies across the floor, leading them into a hole that was filling with water.

Inside the hole, the puppies had no way to breathe. They were drowning.

The owner of the dogs was trying to do everything possible to rescue the puppies. He was removing the water that entered the hole and the dog was desperate plowing the ground; there was no other way to get them out …

Until the brave mother dog decided to enter the hole.

Watch the skillful way in which she rescues them…

When I watched the rescue, and saw that one of the puppies was not reacting; I was asking “wake up please”. When I finally saw that the puppy was ok, I felt at peace…

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H/T: TheDodo

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