Cat Owner Pretended that he is Dead in Front of his Cat

Cat Owner Pretended That He Is Dead In Front Of His Cat Watch Its Reaction

Cat Owner Pretended that he is Dead in Front of his Cat…Watch the Cat’s Reaction

They say that cats have more than one personality, each cat has its charm.

Cats can seem ill humored all the time, if you want to caress them it will be when they decide; but when they want they surprise us with their cuteness.

We also know that our feline friends, besides sleeping a lot, are very intelligent.
And because of his little unloving attitude, it is not enough to give them love with simple¬†petting; that’s why we love to bother them with games and jokes.

We can see on the internet, that they always get the attention of many followers who enjoy their different reactions. While jokes are not something that hurt our beloved kittens.

In the following video we can check once again that they are not easy to cheat.

Someone asks this cat owner a question about “what would his cat does if he died” and he decided to try it.

Cat Owner Pretended that he is Dead in Front of his Cat…Watch how the cat reacts!?

This cute kitten at first seemed to think that something really happened to his beloved human. And his first reaction is normal, since cats are usually very cautious and distrustful. Even when they sleep, without you noticing, they are pending all movement.

But a few seconds later, being close to him, it seems it could hear that his human was still breathing.

Or maybe it can notice the hidden camera, and realizing that it was all a joke;then it simply decided to lie down and relax.

It even seems to end up mocking his human by adopting a position that robbed him of the entire show.

Note: If you want to make a joke to your cat, always remember that it should be a joke that does not hurt it.

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