Cat Trying to Kindly Wake Up His Dog Friend

Cat Trying to Kindly Wake Up His Dog Friend

The cat is an animal that has won the reputation of being an unsociable and unfriendly pet.
The truth is that the social part of a cat depends on several factors. One of the main factors is their breed; each cat breed has its own history with which its personality has developed over the years.

Another very influential factor is the upbringing that each family gives their kitten. Therefore, if what you want is a sociable cat; since he is a baby you must accustom him to share moments with each member of your family, and even with other types of pets.

The personality of a kitten can be very complex, most of them show only their kind and affectionate side to their relatives with whom they live in the home.

Something you should also know is that cats are not like dogs; they are not tolerant to caresses and games so abrupt. So, with this type of actions we could confuse them until they get a bad behavior.

We show you below, how sociable can be a cat; to such a point of getting along with his supposed “enemy of life”. So, if you thought cats are not kindly, this will make you change your mind.

This kitten is trying to wake up his companion and puppy friend, probably to play hide and seek.

Watch the video and enjoy!

How cute they are!

Clearly this cat has a lot of patience as well as kindness, for the way he stealthily tries to get his friend’s attention.

Because the song that their owner has chosen for this cute scene, it seems that they are very close.

The kitten finally gave up, lets his friend rest but lies down beside him to at least be close to him.

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