Dog Cries Every Time It's Touched Until It Meets This Woman

Dog Cries Every Time It Is Touched Until It Meets This Woman

Dog Cries Every Time It Is Touched Until It Meets This Woman

Dogs can feel love, happiness, sadness and other emotions that for some people are still impossible to believe.
They are able to create strong affective bonds with their families. 
In addition to being able to feel their own emotions, they can even feel the emotions that their loved ones are experiencing.

Animals love us with all of their hearts, so why can’t some people just do the same?

There are many people who can’t seem to see that animals can feel the pain of being mistreated, and this is not only physical; they also can have psychological consequences.
They may suffer from anxiety, or suffer from phobias that don’t allow them to live normally in an environment.

Here we have the example of this little dog that have suffered so many physical maltreatment, so, she has psychological sequels; that doesn’t allow her to easily believe in humanity.

This dog cries every time it is touched…

It is so heartbreaking to hear the sound of this dog crying/screaming because she never experienced what love was.
She was afraid to be hurt again and had no trust.

I love how happy she is when she finally realizes she is not going abused. Her tail under her belly started to wagg slightly even as she was screaming, then slowly, she was filling with hope.

I really liked the happy ending of this cute puppy, this is what each of them wants to find; a family that loves them and that they love.

So, when you see a lost animal in the streets, please if you are not going to feed it or give it a place to live and fill it with love; at least do not mistreat it.
Always remember that they also feel.

God bless the woman that made this poor creature feel loved.


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