Dog Can't Stop Crying When he Realizes he has Been Abandoned in a Shelter

Dog Can’t Stop Crying When he Realizes he has Been Abandoned at a Shelter

The staff of an animal shelter lives different experiences.
Some of the experiences fills them with sadness, because of the different stories of each animal that comes to the place. while other experiences fill them with satisfaction; especially when they achieve their main goal, adoption

An animal shelter, gives temporary protection to animals that for some reason are on the streets, have been abuse or because their owners can not continue to care for them.

Sadly, it is the case of this story…

Aj and Toby are two brothers of the Pit Bull and Labrador Retriever breed; both of them were dropped off at Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California. The family of these two dogs left them in the shelter because they could not continue covering the expenses to take care of them.
Each dog was about 6 years old when they were abandoned at the shelter.

When Aj and Toby arrived at the place, they were wagging their tails. Maybe they thought they were taking a walk. But when the time to separate the brothers came and each one was putting to a different cage, both became restless.

And the most heartbreaking part of this story, it is the moment when the shelter staff realizes that Aj is crying non-stop. It seemed that Aj had already realized that he was not taking a walk; that he was in an unknown place where he had been left by his family and he was not with his brother.

This touched the shelter staff so much that they even recorded Aj and shared the video with his story on the internet…

(turn on the sound)

It is very sad to see the sobs of this pup.

When the shelter shared the video along with the story of these two pups, it immediately went viral. Thanks to this action, some rescuers went to the place to help these dogs to find a family.

Here we can see a video of Aj leaving the shelter, we can see him more cheerful.

Finally, shortly after Aj was adopted by a family with whom he will stay forever and is full of love. The family also decided to adopt Toby, Aj’s brother who was still looking for him. Both are finally together and happy in their new home.
The shelter staff did a great job helping these sweet dogs, for sure they were very satisfied with their action.

Aj and Toby…

Information and image source: savingcarsonshelterdogs

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