Epic Marriage Proposal with Dogs

Epic Marriage Proposal with Dogs

Marriage is one of the most important steps in the life of a woman and a man. Each moment until reaching that step, is special.

For women, mostly, the marriage proposal is something they never forget. And no wonder, since it is the moment in which the commitment of a relationship is strengthened.

Maurice Goldstein, wanted to do something that would greatly impact his girlfriend of more than 4 years, Laura Stamper.

The boyfriend wanted to make a great event that Laura never forgets; so he worked secretly with a team of friends.

The couple lives in New York City, but on Thanksgiving they made a trip to Los Angeles, California. It was then that Maurice invited Laura to run through Runyon Canyon Park.

Laura loves animals. She is a writer; she has included many anecdotes about dogs and related events in a book she recently published.

Therefore, Maurice thought that in his marriage proposal; he could not miss something that she loves so much. He invited the Pack of Hearts therapy dogs to surprise Laura.

For Laura, going to Runyon Canyon Park seemed a normal walk; until little by little she saw a path full of rose petals.
Later on, an a capella choir was waiting for her singing her favorite Disney songs.

Then Maurice knelt to ask the important question: would you marry me? And of course, Laura said yes!

And finally, the biggest surprise. 16 cute furry friends suddenly appeared and rushed to kiss Laura and Maurice.

Laura was very surprised and excited. She said that everything was incredibly significant for her.

What a beautiful marriage proposal! For sure, they will keep the moment forever in their memories and hearts.

Laura’s friend, Rebecca Yale, a photographer based in L.A. captured the marvelous moments.

Let’s see…

Enjoy the video!

Information and image source: rebeccayalephotography|inspiremore.com

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