Funny Samoyed Dog Tests Different Types of Food

Funny Samoyed Dog Tests Different Types of Food

The Samoyed is a very old dog breed. These dogs were of several colors, but nowadays, white is the most seen in the areas of the world.

The Samoyed looks like a very sweet polar bear. They are of robust construction with abundant hair.

These dogs have a very special characteristic that makes them look as if they were smiling when curling the corners of their lips.

They are very intelligent and like to eat high quality food. They should be fed with small amounts and they need to have enough physical activity because they tend to gain weight easily.

Meet Maya the Samoyed …

Maya is the most famous Samoyed dog on the internet. Maya became a sensation for her funny videos. She has many particular characteristics as to move her triangular ears from one side to the other, but the one that stands out is her appetite for food.

Despite Maya’s passion for food and treats, her owner is very careful with her diet.

In the next video you will see Maya tasting different kinds of food. From lettuce to apple, Maya tastes the food and gives it ratings.

Watch and enjoy the cute video…

To make this video, the owner of Maya did a review on the American Kennel Club website to know if the food was safe.

Sure to see Maya Testing and rating all those foods, gave you a feeling of happiness and relaxation. She is very cute and adorable.

The part that I enjoyed most, was when Maya tasted the lettuce, she rejected it again and again in a very funny way.

As we could see, Maya is very intelligent and independent in her tastes. She knows how to choose her preferences for food, or better to say for treats.

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