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Give Me Your Paw Training

Give Me Your Paw Training

It’s nice when you tell your dog “give me your paw” and he greets you cordially. Therefore, here we will show you some steps to train your dog and impress your friends:

  • Choose a treat. An important part of training are treats, choose one and put it in your closed hand.
  • Say a command. With your dog sit, put your hand near of him nose. Say the words, “give me your paw,” and move your fist under your dog’s nose; so he can smell the treat.
  • Let your dog have the treat. Most dogs will try to open your hand with their foot, as his paw touches your hand; open your hand and let him have the treat and say him a verbal praise.
  • Keep practice. Repeat this a few times over small training sessions, until your pup understands when you use the command, “give me your paw,” he is supposed to put his foot in your hand.
  • Open your hand. Once your dog has the command, stop using a treat and open your hand towards the leg you want your dog to lift. At this point, you should be able to use the command “give me your paw” and expect your dog to do it.

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