This Golden Dog is Just Amazing! She is a Delivery Girl

This Golden Dog is Just Amazing! She is a Delivery Girl

It is proven that the Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

These sweet dogs are well known. This breed is one of the most seen in the advertising of products. This is due to its characteristics.

They have a medium-large size but their face denotes softness and their golden fur gives them elegance.

In addition to the peculiar physical characteristics that the Golden Retrievers possess; They have amazing abilities.

The calmness and patience that these dogs have is another characteristic that makes them very special.

Something also very known about them, is that they are among the best breeds of family dogs. This breed attracts even people who don’t know their calm personality and want to approach them and pet them.

Their intelligence for carrying out tasks and their obedience are greater than those of other breeds.
A trained Golden Retriever, 95% of the time, responds to an order the first time you ask them.

Let’s watch the following video of this amazing Golden Retriever…

(turn on the subtitles)

She is Ttokssuni, as we could see is a very cute and intelligent Golden Retriever.
The owner of Ttokssuni has trained her very well to make deliveries through the stores that surround her.

Ttokssuni makes deliveries from his owner’s restaurant to the other stores. She knows all the shops that surround her in her neighborhood, from the chicken shop, shoe store, thread store and even the florist shop. She even runs errands for the owners of other stores.

Although some bad comments could arise because the owner has Ttokssuni do this kind of work. The truth is that there is nothing wrong, since the owner takes good care of her. In addition, the Golden Retrievers are very active and like to be always in constant movement, so there is nothing to worry about.

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