Guinea Pigs As Pets

Guinea Pigs As Pets

Guinea Pigs As Pets

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but Guinea pigs are cute, comical, and clever too. They make wonderful pets for children.

They love to eat. Most basic stuff you need to provide for them is: Hay, fresh water, leafy vegetables and guinea pig pellets. They must have those all the time. Also, you need to give them fruit treats, occasional, and make sure they get enough Vitamin C, because like us, they can’t produce it by themselves in their bodies.

Let vegetables warm to room temperature before feeding them to your pet, Guinea pigs don’t enjoy cold vegetables.

They are not expensive to own, and the biggest expense is the initial arrange of housing. Requires a home that is safe to keep him healthy and happy. A home includes a proper cage, hide areas, toys, the right bedding, and feeding supplies like hay. Guinea pigs are hardy pets so veterinarian expenses are minimal.

The animals do better in pairs as they prefer company, so unless you have a lot of time to devote to your pet getting at least two is often a good idea.

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