Man Decides to Euthanize his 2 Dogs Because of Girlfriend.

Man Decides to Euthanize his 2 Dogs Because of his Girlfriend

Sadly, some people have no choice but to euthanize their dogs when their life can no longer be saved and they are suffering. In addition to these issues, there is another type of very cruel euthanasia that is called “convenience euthanasia”.

Convenience Euthanasia is when a healthy animal is sacrificed. Some shelters, unless it is a shelter with non-killing policies, sacrifice animals that are not adopted.

But the story of this article is about a cruel reality that also happens many times…

There are some dog owners, irresponsible and inhumane, who take their pet to the vet to euthanize it. This just for personal reasons such, as moving, divorce, loss job, property damage and more.

In Indiana, a man took the cruel decision to euthanize his dogs that had lived with him for 10 years. But it seems that this doesn’t matter to him. The reason why he left them was because he was going to move with his girlfriend and she was allergic to dogs.

The man took Sam of the pointer breed and Cosmo a lab-mix and took them to a veterinarian in Portage; to take their lives.

However, the good veterinarian did not euthanize any of the two healthy and playful dogs. The veterinarian was not willing, because he only sacrifices dogs to avoid their suffering.

So, the veterinarian saved the life of Cosmo and Sam and also contacted Begin Again Rescue Co, a shelter that did not hesitate to house them and put them up for adoption.

Because the two dogs were tightly bonded, it was difficult to find someone to adopt them together.

Shortly after the two dogs were transferred to the Peoples Animal Welfare Society in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Finally, in Illinois, Sam and Cosmo found a home full of love. Eric and Tiffany Dybas recently lost their dog and when they heard the story of the two senior dogs decided to adopt them.

Cosmo and Sam with their new family…

It is good that these two adorable dogs were not separated. They are currently living very well with their new family.

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