Overweight Dog was Going to be Euthanized Until she Had a Radical Change

Overweight Dog was Going to be Euthanized Until she Had a Radical Change

In the same way that overweight causes damage to health in people, it also does it in animals. But some irresponsible humans seem not to know this.

When a dog consumes excess calories, more than he need, these accumulate in the form of fat.

In addition to the excessive consumption of unnecessary meals, the lack of exercises is also a cause of this problem.

Of course, there are also dogs that tend to gain weight very fast, but it is not due to any of the above causes. Therefore, you should consult a veterinarian because he may be suffering from a disease that causes him to become overweight.

Something else, which some people seem don’t to know, is that being overweight in dogs can be treated.

As in Honey’s story…

Honey is a Beagle dog that suffered from overweight. She weighed 68 pounds when her owner took her to the SPCA of Niagara County to be euthanized.

But, fortunately, the SPCA shelter of Niagara County is a no-kill shelter. At the shelter, instead of euthanasia, they decided to do everything possible to make a radical change in Honey.

The poor little dog, could not move well because of her overweight. Her belly crawled on the floor and this left leave marks in it. She also had difficulties to do her basic needs, she ended up urinating and defecating on herself.

The SPCA said that Honey’s owner was an old woman with dementia, and that maybe for this reason she forgot that she had fed Honey and continued to feed her many times a day.

In addition, at the shelter, they also realized that Honey had thyroid problems that also made her gain weight easily.

At the shelter they worked hard to return Honey’s movement and joy. Little by little they began with Honey’s training so that she could lose weight.

She worked on things like a water treadmill. Then, she was in a foster home and went out to walk and play. She had a rapid advance in 6 months.

Not only her appearance change, she also changed her attitude. She looks more full of energy and is very playful.

God bless the people of this shelter who did not give up on Honey.

Let’s see her pictures…

Honey training…

What a change!

Pretty girl

Information and image source: SPCA of Niagara County

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