Owner Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Weeks Later Of Fatal Car Crash

Owner Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Weeks Later Of Fatal Car Crash

Owner Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Weeks Later Of Fatal Car Crash

Sam Orr and her mother Jennifer, Kansas residents, went to visit Colorado.

On one of their visiting days, they decided to venture on a car tour through Buena Vista’s dry scrubland canyons.
Mother and daughter got on a Jeep, and Bentley, their loyal canine companion, also joined the adventure.

Everything seemed to go well on the Jeep ride, until the car pulled off the dirt road…The car fell down a mountain slope and landed 540 feet below.

Unfortunately, the accident caused Sam’s terrible separation from her mother; Jennifer died. The accident left Sam with severe injuries. And as for Bentley, the poor little dog was lost.

Sam was very bereaved by everything that happened, but she could not leave her loyal four-legged companion alone. She did not stop looking for Bentley.

Rescuers and volunteers helped in the search of the dog for several days, but did not have good results. Sam returned to Kansas with the injuries that the accident left her and with her broken heart.

A few days later, Sam received news of her beloved dog…

Joseph Stratmann, a complete stranger who had read about the search on Craigslist, set out to find Bentley, and fortunately, he was the first to see him.

Sam returned to Colorado to reunit with her Bentley…Joseph helped her to go to the mountain where he saw the dog. They had to climb a long time, but it was true, there was the dog, waiting to meet his family again.

When the dog finally reunited with his owner, he was still frightened by the trauma of the accident, and by have been lost, so at first, it was not easy for Sam to convince him to go into her arms.

It took Sam several minutes to gain Bentley trust, but she did a good job of not forcing him to get close to her, as like that, he would just run away scared.

When Bentley finally regained trust in Sam, approached to her, and the rest were hugs and kisses of joy.

Let’s see the emotional moment…

BENTLEY HAS BEEN RESCUED!This guy has been what can only be compared to a mountain goat for the past 19 days. After the fatal accident where I lost my mom, Bentley was last seen running down hill from the accident. For the past 3 days he has been spotted far far above the accident site, laying amongst the rocks along the ridge of the mountain. Peering down at the Jeep wreckage, patiently waiting for his family to return. This morning, I left Pueblo, CO at 4:45am and drove the accident site in Buena Vista, CO. Along with a team, we spent hours hiking to the top of said mountain. I have never, and I mean never, done such dangerous and rewarding activity in my entire life. We were able to spot Bentley early in the day, a few hours in, I came within 30-40 feet of him. He wouldn’t come to me, but seemed interested. Eventually his fear got the best of him and he made his way to the ridge (top). I slowly but surely followed him, upon reaching the summit, I could see him watching me. I got close to him, laid down, unpacked some items to eat and a new toy I’d purchased from him. He never moved an inch for over 15 minutes. Eventually I decided to give him some space, back off for a few minutes, and that got his attention. When I came back, him and I slowly altered walking few steps towards each other until finally I was able to convince him to come into my arms. And from then it was nothing but tears and celebration! Bentley is okay, he’s a little malnourished and dehydrated. But otherwise no noticeable injuries. Thank you to everyone who played a role in bringing this sweet boy home. I know the past 19 days, God and my beautiful momma have been keeping an eye on him. GOD IS SO GOOD! ❤️

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