People Afraid Of Dogs Meet PitBull Puppies

People Afraid Of Dogs Meet PitBull Puppies

People Afraid Of Dogs Meet PitBull Puppies

It may be difficult for a dog lover to understand someone who says he is afraid of dogs. But this condition is real and should not be taken as something weird or silly.

Although dogs are adorable animals, there are people who suffer a great panic and discomfort in their presence…

This is known as cynophobia.

When a person suffers from cynophobia or fear of dogs, it does not matter if the dog is meek, small or large, he will feel uncomfortable with its presence and avoid it at all costs.

Cynophobia is more common than you think. This is a specific phobia, that is, it is directed towards a particular object, concept or scenario that causes nervous or anxious feelings.

A cynophobic person can feel nervous even when someone just invokes a dog. Also just by seeing it from a distance or through a cell phone screen.

It is more common for cynophobia to develop from an early age, such as age 5 and, if this is not treated, it can last until adulthood.

There is no specific cause for a person to develop cynophobia, but among the most common are: a bad personal experience, seeing or hearing how a negative event occurs to another person and also encouraged by misconceptions about breeds such as PitBull.

Fortunately, cynophobia can be treated through therapeutic sessions. Overcoming a phobia can be a slow process, but with patience and effort it can be achieved.

Next, you will see a video of people afraid of dogs meeting some adorable PitBull puppies.

We are not aware of the level of fear the people in the video feel for dogs. But it is not recommendable to do it without first consulting a specialist.

The most important thing at the end of the video is that these people overcame their fear of dogs and recognize that they have been fearing them for misconceptions.

Watch the video…

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