Black cat

Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

No cat is as misunderstood as the black cat. For any reason, black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted than more brightly colored felines, that is maybe for the myths and superstitions around them. You should know there are many reasons to give love to black cats like any other.


They are not bad luck.

This is the first point you Should know, ”black cats give you bad luck” it is just a superstition. Black is just a color and black cats can give you all their love as a lighter colored cat.


There are 22 breeds of black cat

There are more black cats breeds than any other color, so you have more options to choose. Some are smoky color, grey-black or brown-black, and some have brown paws.


They never have bad hair days

A black cat’s fur always looks shiny, deluxe, in other words, beautiful.


They are less likely to be adopt.

Black cats are less likely to be adopt because of their color and their stereotypes, please don’t give in to the stereotypes. There are much of black cats that need to be adopted.


They are as friendly and lovable as other cats.

Most black cats are friendly and sweet natured, they also love cuddles with their human. So, if you are considering adopt a cat, don’t pass over black cats, they need a safe home too.


Black is a beautiful color.

Black is a color that fit everything, so you and your kitten will always match. You won’t have to decorate your house to coordinate with your cat.


They are like the panthers of the domestic world

Black cats are distantly related to the black panther, with a little bit of wild for your heart, mysterious, majestic and intelligent.


Black cats are just like any other cat.

After all, the color of your cat does not matter, you fall in love with your cat’s personality.


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