Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard History and Personality

The Saint Bernard is most famous for its rescue abilities and after Beethoven been on the big screen they became more recognized.


The Saint Bernard develop into the extraordinary life-saving dog from 1660 to 1670. Descendants of the mastiff style Asiatic dogs brought over by the Romans, the Saint Bernards were refugees to the St. Bernard Hospice, which was a refuge center for travelers moving between Switzerland and Italy.

They served as watchdogs and companions but then the monks discovered that the dogs were exceptional explorers in snow. A Saint Bernard would track lost travelers, lie next to him to provide warmth and help revive him. The dog served this role for more than 200 years and were credited with saving the lives of more than 2,000 people until the last documented recovery in 1897.

Today for rescue efforts on the pass, monks depends on helicopters. Until September 2004, 18 the Saint Bernards still resided to the hospice. That year, the Barry Foundation was formed to establish doghouses in Martingy, a village down the mountain from the pass.Today, several St. Bernard puppies are born every year at the foundation.

This breed was exported into England in the mid-1800s, the breed was commonly referred to as Saint Bernard, and was registered by the American Kennel Club in 1885.


Do not panic! Even if the Saint Bernards have a big size,  they are docile.
Saint Bernards are friendly, especially with kids. They are capable to defense their family members, and they are intelligent. They don’t bark without cause.
They need attention, but they also know how have their time alone.
This breed needs to start training since they are babies. So, you need have energy and time, if you want adopt a Saint Bernard.

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