Story Of Three Brother Bald Puppies

Story Of Three Brother Bald Puppies

Story Of Three Brother Bald Puppies

Why these puppies were born bald? never seen before! Could it be destiny? For their parents? Science? see it here…

In Korea, a dog owner was very surprised when his dog gave birth to four puppies, at the same time, but three of the siblings were born bald.

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The three brother bald puppies, of this story, are males, only their younger sister has abundant normal hair. In addition, the mother of the puppies has long and shiny hair, which confused the owner more.

The man thought that when the puppies started to grow, maybe, their hair would grow too, but it was not like that.

The owner began looking for possible reasons why the three puppy brothers were born bald…

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The first thing that occurred to him was to wonder…Is the father of the puppies also bald?

He did not know who could be the father of the puppies, since he saw several dogs enter and leave his property. Then, the proud owner began the search for the possible father of the puppies…He went through several places, but none of the dogs he found had the characteristics to be the father of the puppies.
Then, came the time of the medical checkup for the puppies…

The veterinarian said that he had not seen before any case similar to that of puppies with hair loss. And after a study, he found out that the problem is an X-linked recessive inheritance; the bald gene comes from the maternal line.

The three brother bald puppies have no other choice but their lack of hair, but fortunately, they do not have other health problems.

Image credit: SBS TV

The veterinarian recommended to the owner that the puppies use sunscreen during the summer, and warm clothes in winter. It is not a joke! They need to protect themselves with something.

In spite of everything, the puppies are very cute and special, their owner loves them and is very careful with them.

Meet the three brother bald puppies in the next adorable video…


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