Woman and dog

How To Take Amazing Pet Selfies

We love to take selfies with our pet but sometimes they don’t pay attention at the camera. Here are some steps that will help you.

What you’ll need?

  • A pet (Of course)
  • A camera or smartphone
  • A treat or toy
  • A Selfie stick (Optional)


  • Turn off the flash

Don’t use the flash, this could startle your pet or make them feel scared.Taking pictures without the flash and make sure you find the right lighting.


  • Pose beside your pet

Dont try to force your pet, you won’t get a great picture, its better that you approach to them and try to put yourself in a position at their height and find a natural position for both of you.


  • Use a treat or toy

Choose a treat or toy that interests your pet. You will need it to get their attention when you want to take a picture and to recompense them.
Once you are both comfortable, put the treat or toy between your phone holding hand and the phone itself. Let your pet peek out a little so can see and smell it, this will make your pet look at the phone’s direction.


  • Make it quick

Once you have your pet attention take the selfie quickly, pets have a short attention lapse.


  • Use a selfie stick

A selfie stick will help you to take a selfie from further away and get more of your pet in the photo. It might also help by not frighten your pet as the camera will be further away than if you were to just hold it.

Now take a lot of selfies and enjoy!


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