Dog Protects his Owner from Hurting Herself

Things that Dog Perceives…Dog Protects his Owner from Hurting Herself

Who is the first to receive you when you enter the door of your house? If you are a dog owner you know the answer very well.

I think the title of man’s best friend has not been given in vain. For a dog, his owner is everything.

A dog can perceive in his owner things that probably you already know by own experience, or that will surprise you.

What does a dog perceive in humans?

Happiness. A dog can know when you are happy. He can perceive when you are in a positive mood and he will feel the same as you. He will be more animated and will be near you waiting to have a fun time.

Sadness and loneliness. Just as your dog can feel your positive mood, he can also know when you feel depressed. And of course, he will also want to stay by your side. He will look for you to pet him or try to get your attention in some way. That is why many doctors recommend the company of a dog for those who suffer from depression.

Pregnancy. Although there is no scientific explanation to prove it; a dog can know when a woman is pregnant even before she knows it herself. This is probably due to his sensitive sense of smell that allows him to perceive the hormonal change that occurs in this phase of the woman. They can prove it by becoming more protective or acting in different ways that we sometimes overlook.

Diseases. The dog smell is many times more developed than that of the human being and can perceive unstable organic compounds in a person. There are many studies that prove that a dog can perceive diseases such as cancer and even a milder disease due to the connection between him and his owner.

When you will go out. Your dog knows about you much more than you imagine. A dog is always aware of what his owner does and that is why he knows his routines. He can know when you are going to leave the house before you do it.

Let’s watch the next video of this girl who is performing in front of her dog several acts in which she tries to hurt herself…

Watch how the dog reacts??

How exciting to see the reaction that this puppy has, knows very well how to protect and care for his owner.

He is remarkably smart and seems to be trained. But, although the girl is acting, a dog is very sincere with his gestures of affection. He has learned what to do when his owner has attitudes that can hurt her because of that when this dog saw his owner crying he tried to get her attention and that she pet him.

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